Michael Carroll – Guest of Honour

Michael Carroll - Guest of Honour

Irish writer Michael Carroll has written many, many books and comics, including the award-winning New Heroes series of Young Adult superhero novels and the #1 Amazon best-selling cult graphic novel Judge Dredd: Every Empire Falls. He currently writes Judge Dredd, Proteus Vex, Mayflies and Dreadnoughts for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. Other works include Jennifer Blood for Dynamite Entertainment, Razorjack for Titan Books (co-written with artist John Higgins), and the Rico Dredd trilogy for Abaddon Books, for whom he has also created the highly-acclaimed Judges series of novellas.

Michael is also one of a tiny handful of people to have attended every single Octocon! Like, a really tiny handful. You know, like, those 3½” Star Wars action figures? You know the teeny-tiny Yoda one? Well, about the size of his hand – that’s how tiny the handful is. I forget where I was going with that but the point is, at this stage Michael probably has Octocon encoded into his genetic material. I mean, I reckon that if you were to you break him in half like a stick of seaside rock, he’d probably put up a fight so you’d have approach him from behind. A good sharp blow across the back of his head with something really heavy like, say, a canvas bag full of steel washers or, if you can afford it, gold coins, that ought to do it. Handy tip: bring someone else along because they can act as a look-out and carry the shovels you’ll need to bury the body. In fact, if you promise your partner some of the gold coins I bet you could make them do all the digging. Pro-level tip: save money by getting them to dig two holes.

Michael is married to the wonderful Leonia, the only known being in the universe who’d put up with all his nonsense. They have two imaginary children, Tesseract and Pineapple, who by this stage are probably grown up and very successful. Tesseract has recently qualified as a quantum mechanic and Pineapple is now two doctors.

Pronouns: He/Him

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