Cupán Fae

Cupán Fae


Cupán Fae is the caffeine-filled home away from home for writers in Dublin and beyond.

Established in 2015, Cupán Fae meets weekly to discuss current projects, create writing prompts, collaborate on new ideas, workshop problematic plots and provide psychological support for characters with three minds of their own and a battle axe to grind. They also dive into the looking glass of popular culture and deviate into discussions about politics, the world of literature, and anything else that can help us put off writing during those moments when a WIP is more like a WHIP.

Since October 2018, Cupán Fae has published six short story anthologies. Collecting a total of 78 stories from 16 authors, the books explore science fiction, fantasy, horror, LGBT fiction, punk subgenres, hopepunk and superhero stories.

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