Judges: The Genesis of the World of Judge Dredd

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Octo Judge

In a time of widespread poverty, inequality and political unrest, protests and violence meet the first Judges as they hit the street to enforce the Law. The cure, it’s clear, is far worse than the disease. The ‘Judges’ novellas allow for an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the history of this future fictional police state.

Our Guest of Honour Michael Carroll is joined by fellow authors Maura McHugh and Joseph Elliott-Coleman to discuss what goes into their work in making gripping entertainment out of a world falling apart.

Moderator: James Bacon

Panelists: Michael Carroll (GOH), Joseph Elliott-Coleman, Maura McHugh

This panel was originally streamed live Sunday 11 October 2020 during Octocon 2020 at https://www.twitch.tv/OctoconIRL, where short clips can be viewed and shared.

Intro Music: Happy Times by Alejandro Magaña from https://mixkit.co/

Outro Music: Sleepy Fish – Fall’s Echoes https://chll.to/8c30d93f https://chillhop.ffm.to/creatorcred