Meet Programme Participant  – Octo!

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One of our programme participants has kindly allowed us to publish their programme registration form answers.



What are your pronouns? (optional)


What demographic groups do you fall into? (optional)


Is there anything you want to BRIEFLY tell us about yourself, your interests, and things that you’re happy to talk about at Octocon? (optional)

My interests include color theory, marine mythology, puzzles, fidget toy design, and swimming!

Which of the following types of programme roles are you interested?

Being a panellist

Hosting a fan chat about a specific topic

Hosting a guest chat / kaffeeklatsch

Other: Meet and greet, free signing! I can handle 8 fans at a time!

Please give more details about any workshop, talk or fan chat you’re interested in hosting.

Can we have something about the best depictions of Krakens?

Do you have any suggestions for panels or other programme items? 

Alien Intelligences – obviously I’m a subject expert! 

Shipwrecks – in space, in fantasy, anywhere! And the best causes (I’m Team Kraken, obviously) 

Escape Artists – our favorite media featuring heists, escapes, and other zany antics in which my ability to get out of an aquarium is clearly relevant real-world experience.

Octo Programme

See you on the programme, Octo!

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