Meet Karina (she/her), our 2022 Web Designer!

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Karina Steffens

Next up on our 2022 Committee introductions is Karina!

Pronouns: She/Her

Bio: Where in the World is Karina Steffens? Born in Ukraine and raised in Israel, she has lived in Ireland for over 25 years, running a Web Design business together with her Dutch husband. She can sometimes be seen roaming the Halls of Octocon in cosplay.

A sworn bookwyrm since early childhood, she’s devoured science fiction and fantasy and amassed a small hoard of books, which is yet to achieve L-Space or open a portal to another world. To help it along, she turned her hand to writing.

Octo with screen, tablet, laptop and phone

As Octocon’s newest Web Designer and part of the Social Media Team, she’s having fun redesigning the website for our first-ever hybrid convention.

Alter-Ego: Baba Yaga’s Biographer (unauthorised). Karina writes fantasy set in a portal world of Slavic folklore, and her favourite character is the crafty old witch who lives in a hut on chicken legs and grinds bones with iron teeth.

Most Reread: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld (tied between the Watch and the Witches),
Most Rewatched: Avatar the Last Airbender. 

Fun Fact: She also speaks Hebrew and Russian, and rumour has it, she once learned Morse Code to spy on Soviet ships in the Mediterranean. She denies everything, of course!

You can find her on Twitter @KarinaSteffens

2018 – At the Monsters’ Ball (picture courtesy of Noelle Jenda)
2018 – At the Monsters’ Ball
Left to Right: Catherine, MaryBrigid, Karina, and Noelle
(picture courtesy of Noelle Jenda)