Octocon 2022 Programming for 8-15 years – tell us your suggestions or apply for a panel discussion as a young member!

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Octo calling all our younger members

We want to have as much going on as possible at Octocon this year for our younger members, especially because many might not have ever been to Octocon before.

We already have a number of workshops and talks planned, including a writing workshop aimed at under 16s as well as a cosplay/costume competition, but we’d like to hear what else you’d like!

Suggestions can include talks, crafting sessions and workshops, group discussions, Q&A with our guests. We’d also like to run one or two discussions as panels where the panelists are younger members of Octocon who want to talk about the science fiction and fantasy things they love, and would love topic suggestions for these! (Panels will be led by an adult moderator.)

Tell us your suggestions for panels, talks, workshops, and whatever else you’d like to see.

If you are one of our younger members and you’d like to be on a panel, fill in the form to give us your details and those of your responsible adult. You will both need Octocon memberships to take part: https://registration.octocon.com