Meet Paul (he/him) – our 2022 Guest Liaison / Trade Liaison / Co-Head of Programme!

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Paul Carroll

Next up on our Committee introductions is Paul – Guest Liaison / Trade Liaison / Co-Head of Programme for 2022!

Pronouns: He/Him

Bio: Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin. His work primarily focuses on the extraordinary, be that through magic, science or just downright chaotic. He is a founding member of both Limit Break Comics and Cupán Fae, Dublin-based creative groups.

Octo reading books

He helps manage, and currently works in Children’s Books Ireland as Book-Gifting Manager. His obsessions include tea, foxes and spreadsheets.

Alter-Ego: Mad Hatter, Real-Life Variant

Fun Fact: Paul has an enamel pin collection numbering in the hundreds. 

Recommendation: All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman, a superhero-inspired lit-fic about love.

Paul can be found