Octocon is delighted to announce our first online guest for 2022, Julia Meitov Hersey!

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US-based Julia Meitov Hersey is the translator of VITA NOSTRA and DAUGHTER FROM THE DARK by the Ukrainian-born married authors Marina and Sergey Dyachenko.

Guest Bio

Born in Moscow, Julia Meitov Hersey moved to the U.S. at the age of nineteen and has been straddling the two cultures ever since. She lives north of Boston with her family, juggling all her beloved translation projects and making sure Russian literature is well represented on the American market.

Julia is the winner of the 2021 Science Fiction and Fantasy Rosetta Awards (SFFRA) for best translated work (long form): DAUGHTER FROM THE DARK by Ukrainian-born authors Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, Harper Voyager, February 2020. She is best known for translating VITA NOSTRA (Harper Voyager, November 2018, and VITA NOSTRA sequel, ASSASSIN OF REALITY, Harper Voyager, February 2023.

Pronouns: She/Her

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Hodges Figgis Special Table

Hodges Figgis has dedicated a special table to Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, Ukrainian-born writing duo, and their translator, Julia Meitov Hersey:

Dyachenko Table at Hodges Figgis
Sign reads:
Marina and Sergey Dyachenko
This Ukrainian born writing duo
along with their translator Julia Meitov Hersey
have captivated the hearts and mind of our staff
with their amazing storytelling.
Julia Meitov Hersey will be an online guest at this
year’s Octocon, the National Science Fiction
Convention, 15-16 October 2022

These books certainly deserve a moment to shine 🌟 US-based translator, Julia Meitov Hersey, will be an online guest at this years Octocon! Find more info at the link below: https://2022.octocon.com/octocon-is-delighted-to-announce-our-first-online-guest-for-2022/ #Octocon #octocon2022 #ukrainianauthors #ukrainianborn #darkfantasy #dublinbooktok #hodgesfiggis #dublinbookshop #dublinbookrecs #bookrecs2022 #booksellersoftiktok #daughterofthedark #vitanostra

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