Our suggestions box and participant registration form is now open!

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Octo Programme

The Octocon programme includes panel discussions, workshops, and talks. We are first and foremost a community convention, for members by members, which means one of our programme participants could be YOU. We’re also interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions to help us build a richer, more diverse programme.

This year we’ll of course be having lots of in-person programme items, and we also plan to have some online-only ones during the convention weekend as well as a few online Octocon Presents events in the months leading up to Octocon.

Do YOU have ideas about what should be on the Octocon 2022 programme? Are you interested in taking part?

If you are accepted to be on the programme, you will be invited (during late August) to look through a list of programme items developed by the team and volunteer for anything you think you would be a good fit for.

We may also get in touch with you about specific items, including any you have suggested or if you’ve said you’re available for Octocon Presents items in the summer.

So come along and talk to us all things fae and blasters (and so much more).