Meet MaryBrigid (she/her), our 2022 Membership Officer!

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MaryBrigid standing up with a hat, cardigan, red top and apron, dressed as Mother Goose

Planning for Octocon 2022 is well underway and we thought it was time we started introducing our Octo-Team committee members who are making all the magic happen behind the scenes. So, let’s meet MaryBrigid! 

Pronouns: She/Her

Originally from Auckland, NZ, MaryBrigid Turner came to Ireland on a working holiday, walked through the doors of Hodges Figgis and never left. 20 years later, she helps run the Children’s department there, and is actively involved with the wider book community in Ireland.

She is also currently kept busy in her alter ego of Fairy Bookmother to her friends (and their munchkins) offering book recommendations and advice.

Octo reading books

Talking of book recommendations:

“I recently read Skandar and the Unicorn Thief by A. F. Steadman, a fun action packed adventure with magic and unicorns. When the mainland finds out that unicorns are real, they find out that unicorns are not cute fluffy things, but majestic loyal (to their riders at least) creatures with the potential to become lethal. This is the Unicorn story I didn’t know I needed. I couldn’t put it down, and can’t wait to discover more from this author.” 

MaryBrigid is our Membership officer, which means looking after the registration process,  and processing memberships. She also helps with any member queries, and helps keep our members up to date with important news. Part of this is also collating and sending out our monthly newsletter.  She is also part of the programme team.

Fun Fact: After being volunteered to run a Crochet an Octo workshop last year, MaryBrigid decided to see just how big she could make one, and is slowly building a Collective of Octos. We hope to run the workshop again this year.

You can find her on Twitter @m2bbookworm