Octocon is delighted to announce –  Glasgow 2024 Hybrid Book Club!

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Shown is a graphic with a purple, blue and gold galaxy background. In the top left corner is the Octocon octopus in peach and coral colours, in the top right is the Octocon logo which has a green background and white text on top saying 'Octocon: The national Irish science fiction convention'. In the bottom right in the Glasgow 2024 logo. In the middle of the graphic is a book cover with a brown maze depicted on it and white words on top saying 'Iain Banks: Walking on glass'

Saturday 15th October, 17:30 – 18:30 IST (12:30-13:30 EDT)

Glasgow 2024, a Worldcon for Our Futures, is running a Hybrid Book Club at Octocon this year, and we are delighted to host them! All Octocon members are welcome to join us in-person at Croke Park or online.

Their chosen book is ‘Walking on Glass’ by Iain Banks.

‘Her eyes were black, wide as though with some sustained surprise, the skin from their outer corners to her small ears taut. Her lips were pale, and nearly too full for her small mouth, like something bled but bruised. He had never seen anyone or anything quite so beautiful in his life.’

Graham Park is in love. But Sara Fitch is an enigma to him, a creature of almost perverse mystery. Steven Grout is paranoid – and with justice. He knows that They are out to get him. They are. Quiss, insecure in his fabulous if ramshackle castle, is forced to play interminable impossible games. The solution to the oldest of all paradoxical riddles will release him. But he must find an answer before he knows the question.

Park, Grout, Quiss – no trio could be further apart. But their separate courses are set for collision.

Start reading now – only 3 weeks to go!