Octocon is delighted to announce our next in-person guest – Maura McHugh

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Maura McHugh Guest Card

Joining us in Croke Park from Galway is award-nominated author across a multitude of media, Maura McHugh. Maura is a former Guest of Honour and we’re thrilled to welcome her back to Octocon. 

Bio: Maura McHugh lives in Galway and writes across a variety of media, including prose, theatre, radio, film/TV, video games, and comic books, such as writing the iconic Judge Anderson for the British comic book weekly, 2000 AD. Her recent collection, The Boughs Withered (When I Told Them My Dreams), was nominated for the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection and its title story was reprinted in Shadow Voices: 300 Years of Irish Genre Fiction, edited by John Connolly. Her short story ‘Bone Mother’ was adapted into a stop-motion animated short film, and she’s the lead writer on the point-and-click game, Jennifer Wilde (based on the comic book she wrote), from Outsider Games in Belfast. She also writes non-fiction – including a book on David Lynch’s cult film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – and she regularly appears on podcasts and radio, where she interviews, reviews, and discusses pop culture.

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