Space Elevator Pitches – Present your idea to our panel!

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Octo Star Trek

Space Elevator Pitches!

Live in hologram 4D, the Martian business leaders of the day after tomorrow pitch their ideas for the next stages of the human race. An expert panel of business leaders – who have already proven the value of capitalism in saving humanity – will be deciding our future fate based on the comedy stylings of folks who have dared to submit bold new plans for the next generation of space startups and intergalactic investment opportunities.

We’re looking for 1 or 2 people who have an idea that they want to pitch. The pitch should be a 5-7 minutes comedy presentation with an accompanying slideshow if appropriate. The slideshow needs to be submitted at least a week before Octocon (the slideshow will be run for you during the delivery of your pitch).

Email to sign up!

Example topics for your pitch: Leveraging the power of ancient buzzword mining and using the blockchain to form new nonsense-plex of terms. Foaming the perfect hipster(tm) latte for space straw delivery. A sentient candy bar that screams as you eat it. (We’re not just looking for pitches for space elevators!) See last year’s Orbital Tidy Towns for a similar format to what’s planned for Space Elevator Pitches (Twitch:

We’re planning to run this in-person on Saturday evening at Octocon (Octocon membership required).